Diane L. Murtha

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Photo of Diane Murtha posing in front of one of her quilts, which features a pattern of blue diamonds over a white background

Quilter, Fiber Artist, Lecturer, Teacher

My quilting adventure has been long and varied, including delusions of grandeur, some epic fails, a few triumphs, many "good enoughs" and most importantly, increasingly satisfying results. The stories that go along with my quilts are equal to the warmth and smiles they bring. If only I could just follow a pattern without making changes, it would be so much easier. But where is the adventure in that? Challenge yourself!

Virtual Lectures Available

I am now offering my lectures and workshops virtually via Zoom. Please contact me for more information.

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Where does the journey lead? I hope to speak to your Quilt Guild soon.

lecture Speaker

I am currently booking lectures and workshops for 2022-2023.

My Projects

Quilting is about the personal journey. See some of my work.